An Overview of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The number of women doing Cosmetic breast surgery has more than doubled in the whole world over the last five years. Why are women doing it? Many women feel they have too small breasts. Some may desire breasts surgery after their breasts change due to pregnancy. Others may also wish to improve the asymmetrical look of their breast size. Cosmetic reasons is one of the reasons as to why many women decide to undergo breast surgery. The process entails a broad range of medical procedure depending on their preference. Here is an overview of Cosmetic breast surgery:


1. Breast Augmentation/ Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation is always performed to improve the size, appearance, and contour of the breasts of a woman. klmbghgggWomen consider breast surgery for many different reasons. Many do it for various reasons: health and beauty reasons.

Cosmetic surgeons always perform breast augmentation with implants by placing them under or over the chest muscles. Breast implants are always made up of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline (mainly salt water solutions). A woman will always determine her desired size through fitting trial implants.

2. Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is mainly used in women with cumbersome and large breasts who may be experiencing significant levels of discomfort such as neck pain, numbness, weakness, or back pain due to the breast’s weight. During the procedure, excess fat, skin, and breast tissues are removed. After surgery, breast reduction lead to changes in breast sensation or inability to breastfeed. However, women should first a consult cosmetic surgeon since it may have side effects when wrongly done.

3. Breast Reconstruction

kjkjkkjkjBreast reconstruction surgery is mainly performed in those women who undergo a process of mastectomy for breast cancer as a treatment. Cosmetic surgeons will do breast reconstruction after having a mastectomy to prevent cancer recurrence. However, one must do several breast self-examinations through routine follow-up appointments.

4. Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)

In those women with delicate skin not capable of supporting the weight of their breast, making their breasts to sag, breast Lift is a standard solution. With this ptosis condition, one will get a breast lift, where the excess skin is removed. This can be done through these surgical techniques:

  • Wise pattern. An incision is done in an anchor shape that goes below the breast or around the chest.
  • LeJeour. An incision goes within areola
  • Donut/ peri-areolar. Here an incision goes around areola

This type of surgery involves some permanent scarring. A woman can use cream products to minimize the appearance of these scars.

In conclusion, the above is an overview of Cosmetic breast surgery will help you make an informed decision.