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Choosing what to Wear to Your Model Agency Interview

Are you going to speak to a model company this week? Exactly what are you going to wear to the interview?

While getting ready for this crucial profession opportunity, bear in mind that considering that this might be your oneWhat to Wear 04 and only shot at this, you wish to feel and look your very best on this day.

What to Wear to a Model Agency Interview

If you are a female, a pair of form-fitting pants or casual slacks with a top that draws out your skin tone would be appropriate. With this outfit, you should use 2-3 inch heel shoes. A nice pair of denims or khakis with either a form-fitted t-shirt or button-up t-shirt is a perfect option for males. For footwear, sneakers or boots are a great choice.

Important Suggestion on Exactly what Not to Wear

Ladies, never put on see through clothing or tight fitting sweatshirts to a model agency interview. Guy, do not appear wearing a business fit and gown shoes. Whether you’re male or female, keep away from sidetracking patterns, logo designs and brand on clothing you choose to wear to this crucial conference.

How Much Makeup Should I Use?

Considering that make up is such a huge concern to many females and some of you will certainly not go out in public without it, here are a couple of suggestions for using makeup to a model agency interview. Most agencies prefer to see your natural look and choose you based on hardly any or no makeup at all when they see you the first time.

What to Wear 05If you seem like you need to put on some, put on simply a little mascara and a stroke of natural looking eye shadow. Maybe, just a little blush to bring your cheeks. If major blemishes are a problem, make use of a little concealer to hide them.

Smile, Smile, Smile

Remember to get lots of rest the night before, so you can be assured of remaining alert throughout your model agency interview. Otherwise, what you wear won’t make much difference! The essential thing is to reveal your self-confidence and let them see your natural smile.