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Reasons to Give a Promise Ring

A promise ring represents simply what the name suggests: a single person making a promise to another.

There may be different kinds of guarantees behind such a present though some emotional commitment is usually involved.

A promise rings for her might symbolize pre-engagement, chastity, abstinence, promise rings 06monogamy relationship or a spiritual perspective.

Pre-engagement: A couple that is committed to one another might have various factors for waiting to wed or perhaps engaged. Youth might be an aspect if the couple is just out of high school, or possibly a life circumstance compels them to wait, such as wishing to finish college or accomplish some other goal prior to making plans to wed. A simple promise ring may also indicate commitment while one partner saves to acquire an official engagement ring; in time, another ring will change it.

Chastity: This type of ring, also called a purity ring, is a symbol of a promise to continue to be a virgin until after promise rings 05marriage. Parents normally give these rings to their youngsters as a pointer of the view that love is patient. It is a noticeable reminder of the view that sex can and must wait for marriage. Young people who accept these rings promise to honor the belief. These, too, are intended as placeholders for wedding rings.

Abstinence: These rings symbolize a different type of pledge between parents and children: a commitment not to smoke, consume alcohol or use drugs. Nevertheless, there is no reason an adult could not use a ring to make the same promise.

Monogamy: A monogamy ring reflects a promise to remain faithful. Marriage, engagement or pre-engagement may not be an aspect, yet a couple could still want to promise to be true to each other; a ring is a noticeable sign of that commitment.

Relationship: Friendship rings may seem lesser than other types of promise rings, yet they can be equally promise rings 04meaningful. As a platonic gesture, relationship rings reveal a commitment that sometimes lasts longer than marriage. Pals who are committed to supporting one another might desire a visual sign, in the same way, a romantic couple would. Though not worn on the left ring finger, the gift is still significant.

Religious: A spiritual promise ring symbolizes an act of dedication or faith. This ring can be used to show dedication to a certain spiritual path or to a specific saint whose teachings are significant to the user.