The day everything is meant to be just the way you had imagined it

The day everything is meant to be just the way you had imagined it

isds933sWomen probably never stress about any situation about looking good, in their whole life – as they do when preparing for a wedding.

It’s not the most important day in a woman’s life without a reason (well, maybe the second most important – first might be giving birth, but no one remembers to care for their appearance in those moments) – it is a day of starting a new phase in life, of uniting with your loved one, of making your dreams come true, if you were a little girl that fantasized about it.
It is also the day of which photos last forever. A first photo in a family’s photo album. A photo on which everyone first looks for the bride, and then all the others. It is the day when all the guests will impatiently and with excitement just wait for the bride to show up, too. Nobody wants to fail to meet the expectations, right? (This article’s goal is NOT to cause any extra stress, we promise.)

The secret is in little things. We assume the wedding dress is chosen and prepared long ago, you maybe even chose the shoes (best are high, but not too much – 4 inches would be optional).

isds822You want your skin to glow that day, with glow that will be noticed in person and in the pictures. As skilled and miraculous your makeup artist is, it is about the glow only achieved by being relaxed, cheerful, fresh, rested.

One day before the wedding try not to do anything or stress about anything about the wedding (Easier said than done. Last touch is crucial, right?) Finish everything two days before the wedding, so you can leave one day only for getting massages, drinking plenty of water and one night for sleeping, 8 hours at least (Maybe prescribing some pills would be more realistic). You’re likely to be celebrating the whole next day, and you certainly don’t want to be the only tired at your own wedding, but to enjoy and try to keep in memory every moment of it.

Hope it’s not too late, but DON’T BUY THE WEDDING DRESS YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE IN. You may like tight corset in the picture and how it accentuates your cleavage, but you won’t like constant itching, breathing troubles, face redness and stomach gases. Okay, you’ll most likely not to get all of it, but feeling comfortable and easy to move and happy with what you wear will show, as it always does.

Don’t experiment with neither hair nor makeup for that day. It may be implied, but it needs to be pointed out: have your hair and makeup done (by a professional if you feel safer) the way you at least once did it before and liked it. Not too much is recommended – those are details that if done well make the whole be perfect.

asd3If possible, hire a professional photographer. Someone who know how people’s face and body look best at. Someone who might edit them afterwards, so you get unique and special material memories of a day you are going to remember forever.

Of a day nothing could affect your happiness and state of utter joy.

Because you, smartly, made it all perfect long before.